How we work ?

Your wedding photographer

First time you'll see your wedding photographer is in the morning, at your home or on the place of wedding preparation. Wedding photographer will do some shots of preparing bride, her home leaving and getting into a car. Your wedding photographer will be waiting for you in front of the wedding office or castle and will do some shots of bride arriving. We will take snapshots of your rings and ID cards.

Wedding photographer will take lot of photos during your wedding. There will be portraits, first kiss, together photos, details, ceremony, family and friends. After the ceremony we will get us in front of the office or into a castle garden. There we will be shooting some family portraits, and, of course, portrait for a wall in your bedroom :-).

When you'll start your wedding banquet, wedding photographer will take photos of your arranged tables, we will try to catch the moment of drink a health to newly married couple, and other photos you'll like.

Wedding in Czech Republic


We will spend about 7 hours together, that is lot of time to do good wedding photographs.
Than we let you have your wedding party and we will start editing of your pictures. We will choose the 35 best photos and print them.

Shipping in one week.
Price for weddings in Czech Republic is 450 €.
All included.

Wedding abroad


We meet us in your desired city and do many beautiful photos. After two weeks youl'll get
35 best photos provided as a 13x18cm prints
and DVD with all photos.

Wedding in Slovakia = 650 €
Wedding in Germany = 900 €
Wedding in Austria = 1200 €
Wedding in France = 1400 €